Our goal is to provide vital Hazwoper training to all of Ala

Carolynn Madden - Owner

Over the last 4+ years, I have been immersed in working with many communities off of the "road system" in Alaska. This ignited the passion I have to use my knowledge and services to help Rural Alaska with challenges facing our beautiful state. I started AK Training & Tank Farm Services LLC to provide affordable Hazwoper training and tank farm services to communities across Alaska.

Where I've Been...There's no where we won't travel!

I've traveled all over Alaska, from Chignik Lagoon, Kotlik, Mountain Village, Kongiganak, Noorvik, St. Mary's, Chignik Lake, Port Heiden & many more communities to provide Hazwoper Training and First Aid / CPR / AED Certifications.  There isn't anywhere that our instructors won't travel!


I've been a Certified Hazwoper Instructor since May 2014, and am able to also teach numerous other classes related to Hazwoper Training.  I was certified in early 2017 to be a First Aid / CPR / AED Instructor by the American Red Cross.

Alaska's Financial State

The last few years the Alaska Legislature has drastically reduced funding for rural communities.  This reduction in funding has affected every Alaskan.  By creating AK Training & Tank Farm Services LLC, I am able to provide quality, essential training in rural communities without high overhead costs.

Thank you!

I want to thank those of you that have helped contribute in my pursuit to bring my ideas to life.

I also want to thank the friends I've made all over Alaska that have helped bring to light the issues facing rural alaska and how important rural communities are to this great state.


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