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Hazwoper Certification Class in Wasilla, AK


Protecting the planet is more important than ever, yet funding for rural neighborhoods to receive the Hazwoper training they need has been slashed. AK Training & Tank Farm Services, LLC is here to fix that with our Hazwoper certification class in Wasilla, AK. We bring affordable and top-quality training to any of Alaska’s rural communities because we understand the necessity for it. Get in touch with our team, and we’ll be happy to answer questions and offer quotes for our training and services. 

Fuel spills are devastating to the land around them and dangerous for humans and animals alike. Our tank farm training services are designed to prevent these spills and teach you how to clean up hazardous materials when necessary. With some basic safety, general hazard awareness, and hazard communication training, you can protect your community and the environment. Each class is taught by fellow Alaskans who know exactly what you’ll be dealing with, and all are certified in their subject matters. You’ll be learning from highly qualified professionals who know their field.

What Our Training Entails

The Hazwoper certification class is 3 full days of class time with a certified instructor, and each training session is personalized to fit your location. Alaska has such a diverse landscape that every community will have different natural barriers to navigate, and we’re prepared to accommodate that. We put our 8+ years of experience to work bringing you 24 and 48-hour options and 8-hour refresher certification, along with customizable record keeping service to help keep you in compliance with state and Coast Guard laws.

AK Training & Tank Farm Services, LLC employs certified instructors in first aid, CPR, and AED as well as Hazwoper education, so you can learn everything you need from us. We love and care about our great state’s rural communities and aim to give them everything they need. Reach out to us, and we’ll be happy to give you more information on our tank farm training services. We offer exceptional customer service and are dedicated to making our clients good citizens with green thumbs.

Contact us in Wasilla, Alaska to sign up for a class. We offer services statewide in places like Palmer and Anchorage.